Sweet Expectations Baby Planner

Rates for maternity concierge services are $75 an hour for in-home and in-store consultations and education. Discounts are given for full-pregnancy packages. Call or email today to discuss your specific needs for education, referrals and product recommendations.

Basic Packages:

Registry Assistance $350

- 1 hour in-home consultation

- Customized product recommendations packet

- 3 hours in the store of choice to choose and register for products

Nursery Organization $425

-5 hours in your nursery once your furniture is assembled and your baby showers are complete
-Organize clothes, toys, diapers, and gear into drawers, storage, etc.
-Sort through receipts and product registration cards for you to save and mail
-Organize items with receipts that are duplicates that you may want to return to stores

Education $75/hour

Provided with handouts for you to keep and customized for you. You may schedule the days/times for classes in your home.

-Baby Safety 2 hours 
 -Basic Baby Proofing and pointing out how to do so in your home
 -Car, Stroller, Bath, & Sleep Safety

-Baby’s First Weeks Plan 1 hour 
 -Creating a postpartum plan for your baby’s first weeks home and answering the questions for who will be helping in each area in which you will need assistance

-Preparing For the Hospital 1 hour 
 -Creating a birth plan
 -Packing for you, your partner, and your baby for the hospital

-Newborn Care 1 hour 
 -Swaddling, burping, soothing, bathing, and more

-Returning to Work After Maternity Leave 1 hour
 -Organization, emotional preparation, pumping at work, getting out the door on time with a newborn!

-Traveling With Baby 1 hour 
 - What you REALLY need to take with you     -Plane travel

 -Car travel

 -Hotel travel

-Baby Food Nutrition and Preparation 1 hour 
 -How to make your own baby food
 -Storage, feeding tips, eating on the go
 -Basic guidelines for what Baby can eat at which age

-Product Demonstration 2 hours
*Please note that I do not assemble baby products due to liability
 -Once your baby items are assembled, I will demonstrate them in detail
 -How to fold, adjust, place baby in safely, etc. 

Other services are available upon request. All packages are customized to you and your pregnancy needs.

​Ali North is a professional speaker and writer represented by Creative Partners PR for conferences and large group classes.